Can I nominate myself for a nobel prize?

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  1. I'm sick of having to hear these xyber9 commercials on cnbc 20 times daily all this week. Who the H%$#&@ is this Robert Taylor who claims to have been nominated for a nobel prize for "proving" that markets are not random?

    1. I'm not saying markets are random. I don't believe they are random. Just never hear anyone talking about this guy proving anything.

    2. How do you get nominated for a nobel prize? Is that some kind of a big deal? Can I nominate myself?

    3. Don't mind me, I keep cnbc on in the background in case they ever break a story before anyone else (don't remember the last time that happened). I really get sick of the same 10 commercials being drummed into my head repeatedly.

    Just thought it was kind of funny this guy throwing around that he was nominated for a nobel prize in order to sell software. I really am curious how difficult it is to be nominated for a nobel prize. That might be a great resume stuffer!
  2. I really am curious how difficult it is to be nominated for a nobel prize


    Probably not too easy, but on the flip side, if you are a nominee you are supposed to keep it a secret.
  3. Found this, compliments of Wikipedia regarding Nobel Prize nomination:

    In its first stage, several thousand people are asked to nominate candidates. These names are scrutinized and discussed by experts in their specific disciplines until only the winners remain. This slow and thorough process, insisted upon by Alfred Nobel, is arguably what gives the prize its importance. Despite this, there have been questionable awards and questionable omissions over the prize's century-long history.

    Forms, which amount to a personal and exclusive invitation, are sent to about three thousand selected individuals to invite them to submit nominations. For the peace prize, inquiries are sent to such people as governments of states, members of international courts, professors and rectors at university level, former Peace Prize laureates, current or former members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, among others. The Norwegian Nobel Committee then bases its assessment on nominations sent in before 3 February.[11] The submission deadline for nominations for Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature and Economics is January 31.[12] Self-nominations and nominations of deceased people are disqualified.

    The names of the nominees are never publicly announced, and neither are they told that they have been considered for the Prize. Nomination records are sealed for fifty years. In practice some nominees do become known. It is also common for publicists to make such a claim, founded or not.

    So apparently I can't nominate myself...Damn!