Can I make 10% of these results???

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    I know absolutely nothing about prgramming. But I have managed to program an alert in Ensign that replicates the performance one would have if they executed the method I have been learning to perfection.

    Here are the results:

    Balance 18,379.99 Profit 129 89% 19,069.98 147.83
    Value 0.00 Loss 16 11% -689.99 -43.12
    Today's 0.00 Total 145 18,379.99 126.76

    If that deosnt count out right trading 1 Russell contract for a week netted $18,379, 89% win rate and average winner 4 times average loser.

    This method does not look at price, only indicator patterns (I would do better if i traded without a price chart I bet)

    My question is, if this could be programmed to make even 10% of these results, you would be making $1800 per week, per contract. I have heard that a "system" could be expected to make 50% of its backtested results in live trading.

    The only thing is it would need to reference 5 and maybe 7 identical charts of the same market. Each chart is identical but the timeframes are different. Basically, you always want to stay with the trend of the bigger charts.

    So is this of any value at all? Flame me tell me why this is not possible, I can take it. It just seems like if my nonexistant programming knowledge can come up with this indicator...what could someone good do with this?

    And by the way..its not a scalping method per se, it stays with a given trend until it exhausts itself, be that 3 ticks or 13 points.

    The file posted is a list of all the trades over that week. It made about 20 trades a day, which is more than I would but I would like comments on this.
  2. This topic has been covered to death, and there are literally hundreds of reasons why your system might work or it might explode. The only way to tell is to TRADE IT! If you're making $18k/week with your system, why not take next week off from work and trade it full time? If you're $18k richer, you'll know it's a good system. If not, you'll know, intimately, the flaws.

    If you don't have enough money to actually trade it, try paper trading it through IB (where you said you had an account on another thread). Again, you'll see where the flaws are.
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    eh! since you are not programmer you could have made a mistake some where in calculating your P/L. Only way to check it is spell out the specific parameters so that our resident tester can verify if it works or not.
  4. ROR :D
  5. Of what indicator?
  6. PM me with a description of the methodology and I will code it for you.

  7. <b>spinn</b>, make sure you have <i>Use Look-Inside-Bar Back-testing</i> checked for "Intraday" or especially "Tick" (in your specific system case) in the Format Analysis Techniques & Strategies > Propeties... > General > Back-testing resolution section of TradeStation

    My guess at first glance? You don't have this finite filter on and data is inaccurate. Hope you found the Grail, but please make sure it is filtered data :>)

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    I wasnt kidding when I said I dont know how to program. I do not use Tradestation, never liked it, Tradestation takes too much CPU.

    In Ensign, I simply programmed an alert that created an entry every time my indicators formed the pattern I like. It has the benefit of hindsight of course and is only a representation of what one would make if they execute the method like a robot all day long.

    Whne I entered a futures trading contest a few months ago, in live trades I made 25% in 5 trades in the first hour or so. Thing is, I thought the winner would need to make 100% or more like those crazy stock picking contests where the winner buys 1 million shares of a 10 cent stock that goes to $3. So, after the first hour I went into scalping mode and still made money but got killed on the $20 imaginary commissions.

    Thats why I posted this thread, I want all the help I can get to make this as mechanical as possible. Even somthing that alerted me when my two fastest charts used for entry set up for entry would help. The staring at the screen makes me more and more myopic throughout the day.
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    What you're experiencing is likely the same baseless euphoria that anyone who has done any amount of backtesting has experienced. Somehow your results are being influenced by future data.
  10. lol check you code. ill bet my house that uve included data from the future inadvertantly. just a single piece of data from the future whether it be the high or low or open or close will cause ur system accuracy to skyrocket and make u a very profitable man on paper only:p
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