Can I lose everything?

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  1. Hi guys, I am new and have a question:
    Is it possible when trading forex to loose everything you got if your account doesn't cover an eventual defficit ballance?

    I demotraded on fxcm and wanted to open a real acc with them, but I need to be sure I can't loose more than my risk capital.

    Also, If anyone has aditional info on fxcm practices, fell free to comment. Anybody who has experience trading with fxcm is welcomed to an oppinion.

  2. FXCM has the best platform in the industry, I have been trading for 3 years with them and am very satisfied. Also, customer service is very good.
    What ever you do don't take Jim Rockford's opinion seriously, he is somebody paid to trash FXCM on every possible thread, he will probably show up here any moment now :D :D :D
  3. the answer is yes. it is possible.
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    You can't lose more than you put in. Don't expect to lose your house if you put in only $1000. :)
    Your broker won't let it happen because the loss will be first of all in his books. Your money is just a collateral. Brokers money is what you trade with. You can't lose more than your collateral. I don't think so. So my anwer is yes you can lose everything in your account but not more than that.
  5. Explain please. How much more then my acc can I lose, and in what conditions?
  6. I have only used their demo a couple times and I do not see what is so great about them. I have not utilized the DEMO much, so can someone explain how it one of the best?

    Thanks in advance. I trade with Oanda by the way :)
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    I would be much easier to answer your question if you'll explain why you think Oanda is a better choice. I personally don't see why Oanda would be preferable over fxcm. Especially for ppl who trade major pairs.
  8. i would have to say its impossible to lose more than what's in your account with FXCM. Even if the firm would go under, commit fraud, or whatever--- i can't think of a circumstance that would put you on the hook for more than what's in the account...... unlike the futures market.....

    by the way--i have tested OANDA and FXCM side by side out of curiousity--- FXCM platform is far superior. i dont know how traders can even look at that circa 1981 oanda execution platform-- it is quite hard on my eyes.


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    Why is that unlike the futures market? The futures market is the same.
  10. Hey.

    I did not say i thought Oanda was better.
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