Can i Log into IB TWS on from two device simultaneously ?

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  1. Can anyone tell me how The Multiple 2-Factor System (M2FS) works? i want to be able to Log in from two device at same time.

    IBKR mobile app Log In page doesn't show "select second factor Device" ?
    Do i need to have IB Digital Security Card+ ? Thank you

  2. I didn't think you could ever login from two devices at the same time, but perhaps with the security card you can.

    As an FYI, you do need an account value of 500K+ for the security card.
  3. That's so bad ... and what is the purpose of creating additional USER in client Portal ?
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    Yes you can create an additional user in client portal and be able to log in twice. You can also disable 2FA for Tws in there too but as far as I know they always require it for client portal login. The multiple options are the physical security card, a little key gen device, and I heard they may have a smartphone option but I cant confirm that one. Or maybe working on one.
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  5. Great to hear you can login from 2 different devices at once, I didn't realize that.

    Chat support told me without 500K I always need my phone to login so if I lose it to call them, :rolleyes:. The person said there were no devices available for under 500K accounts. It sounds like this may not be true.
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    I am not able to log into IB API + TWS (Desktop / Mobile / or Web) at the same time. I think the issue has to do with data subscription. I have multiple accounts, but I can only log into one at a time since they are setup as a family structure under an advisor account that cannot trade. To log in concurrently, I would have to pay for multiple data feeds.
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    You are mixing up two concepts. Multi factor authentication is to add a layer of security for your account(s).

    The issue of concurrent logins from different devices that is an entirely different can't log in from different devices at the same time as one and the same user. However, you can create different client IDs and then login from different devices with your two different client logins. However, you will be charged separate real time data fees as each client needs to subscribe to data separately.

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  8. Thanks for clearing. How i can apply for another client ID ? and i add another ID throught client portal ?
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    You can do so via account management of your main account. Easiest way to figure out your best option is to start an online chat with IB and describe your issue and ask them what they propose.

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  10. Thank you sir
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