Can I get paid for offering Options Signals

Discussion in 'Options' started by eldorado1, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. e.g currensee's Trade Leaders for forex traders, Collective 2 (could be cool but not for option trading)
  2. do you trade them yourself
  3. Dael


    Collective2 is a fat piece of pie. Why don't you try it? First month's for free (general rule there), then you can charge smth about $50-100 per user.
  4. Yes, Sure

    If there is a way to publish my live trades with TOS and get paid from subscribers thats cool.
  5. track record?
  6. 20% YTD
  7. What's your concern with collective2?

    Is it that they don't support spreads or mid price fills?

  8. Don't support spreads + Couldn't enter SPY order further then October 2011 options.
  9. jogomax


    Another issue with Collective2 is that they do not value accurately the margins in vertical strategies.
  10. True.
    And I realized they don't publish amount of followers of each existing system featured on their site; So gave up on the idea for now
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