Can I get 20:1 on equities with these brokers?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by ProgrammerGuy, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. mirus futures
    amp futures and forex
    sts spike trading services
    flash futures
    quiksilver futures
    mb trading
    velocity futures
    advantage futures
    man financial
    fox investments
    daniels trading
    king commodities
    infinity brokerage services
    proactive futures
    activ trades
    ecn broker
    berkeley futures limied
    investors europe
    nd global trading
    FD de leeuw and associes inc
    hawaii forex
    dorman trading
    futurepath trading

    I was wondering if there are any prop arragements where you can get 20:1 with any of these brokers
  2. A$$hole


    I don't know everyone on that list, but the large majority are futures and forex. If you're interested in trading equities, it would be helpful to post a list of EQUITIES brokers to ask Q's about.

    You can get 20:1. What is it you're looking for? A certain platform, certain exchanges, etc. ? Give more info and you'll get more helpful responses.
  3. Those are the list of brokers that are supported by my order routing software. Currently i'm with IB and am very happy with their service, however I definitely could use more leverage
  4. I'll refrain from ridicule and just answer the question.

    To get 20:1 BP on equities you need to go prop. A true prop firm will require you to possess a Series 7 license. A few sub-LLC prop operations do not require Series 7 but will require funding. The amount may be less than PDT requirements, but as a sub-LLC operation, there is little if any safety or guarantee of return of those funds.
  5. true, but their are some solid firms that offer what traders need thru a llc structure, that are connected with big firms that have licensed traders involved as well, their are no guarantees whether you have a license or not regardless of the structure your involved in period. you want insurance, the only option is strictly retail if that is a traders main concern. otherwise most traders elect to find a firm that meets their needs & makes a small deposit to offset any losses . it works for many traders, fear the losses from trading is more important to most. after you done your homework in finding the right firm your on your way to focus on trading. thats why 5-10 k deposit. is common these days, a trade off thats all. its not really bad firms, more just bad deals that people neg. buyer beware as in a biz arrangement. imo..