Can I end this life game (SUICIDE) and start New One? Because I have a bad deal all over.

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    I've thought about it often but just imagine. Do you want to go through all that all over again?
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    Tsing Tao

    Dealmaker, I've never listened to this Sadhguru guy. I really enjoyed it. Thank you.
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  5. Speaking of sucide... my dad committed suicide at age 33 when I was 11. Bummer, that. (More than just "bummer"... he was an selfish ASSHOLE for abandoning me as a single parent. He was depressed because some race track groupie skirt didn't return his affections, so he "checked out"... tossed me to the winds without regard to my future. I guess he figured that in spite of my being 11 years old with no parents, "things would work out just fine for me, somehow".)

    Unless I was old, sick and in pain... I wouldn't commit suicide. I feel like I'm "living on house money"... 2, times in my early 20's I had a BIG opportunity of getting killed in a car accident from falling asleep at the wheel at highway speed and running off the road (once when I was the driver). Count surviving those as my good fortune.

    So... no matter HOW bummed I get about "things" (including the GWB and Odumbo administrations.. and the prospect/threat of Hellary being president), I still have a reason to count my lucky stars.
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  6. Doesn`t speak form his own experience.Bla-blah-blah....

    If you want to nullify this embodiment and start over, nothing wrong with that.Many done that and will do.You are your own master.
  7. Just how do you do that?
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    Without watching the video, i'll speculate on the probabilities.

    Reincarnation is the status quo, unless it is short-circuited by a return to reality that is sometimes described as waking up.

    So there are two kinds of death: one which perpetuates the status quo, and one which short-circuits it, precipitating a rapid, radical change back to the way life was before the phenomenon of reincarnation, when there was no change.

    The latter requires some intention and desire, maybe even some effort and learning.

    The former is where learning stops for one incarnation.

    It's my belief that all death that perpetuates the status quo is suicide, some more obvious than others. The world is not what it seems.

    I don't see a problem with "death with dignity" when a terminal illness threatens pain. At some point the ailments of the body tend to bring a HALT to whatever learning was taking place, and there is just not enough time to learn how to short-circuit reincarnation and return to normal existence.

    Early suicide, such as at age 33 over depression about a woman, also HALTS the learning, and wastes learning opportunities.

    Learning progresses over incarnations. Yes, you do take your learning with you. And all learning, if it is truly learning, leads to short-circuiting the reincarnational "wheel of life". f

    Early suicide is like rolling the dice. What if we were bound to repeat circumstances until we learned something? Do we want to take that chance? Take the chance of an even more hellish next experience? Why drag this out?

    So that is the basic argument against early suicide.
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    That's some heavy stuff man. Sounds like you had to grow up pretty damn fast at a young age.
  10. There are a whole lot of good things for you to accomplish, that only you can do. So cutting it short now would be a shame, regardless of what comes next.
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