Can I download CBOE webinar?

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  1. I would like to view the CBOE webinars offered in a Winows media format later without the internet connection. is it posible to download and store it first?

    Also, can I convert it to a format to view it on a TV?
  2. If you could post the link of the webinar then i guess i could suggest the right software for u to use.
  3. The newest version of real player works by using the popup download button
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    These are WMV (Windows Media Video) files, so realplayer probably won't work. Try
    It should let you download something like CBOE20070213.wmv from the PowerStream. The files could be 70MB or more.
    Unfortunately the wmv file does not contain the slide presentation, so you will need to record that as well, with something like Camtasia at a very low frame rate. Overall, it is probably not worth downloading the wmv because it is just a video of one or two talking heads, so just record the sound and the slide portion with Camtasia.
  5. Thanks for the idea of Camstudio. I will try that out. I have also downloaded Win player 11 (latest). Will see if it can record it.
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    You can also try CamStudio which is an open source alternative to camtisia.

    Very easy to use and can record just a portion of the screen just as you viewed it.

    Good luck!
  7. No, the real player works. I am able to download them. The latest version of real player can record streaming video in a lot of format. I think real is easier than camstasia because you dont have to babysit the recording. Once you hit the real download button, it will record and finish automatically.
  8. As for the slides, you can click resource and download it in PDF format and just go along the PDF along with the speaker.

    At least this is how i am doing it.

    By the way, thanks for the link, the educational stuff seems really good.
  9. ND - That's what I just found. (in fact before I saw your post, I called CBOE, and someone was helpful to point this out. Somehow the link does not show in black text on my PC. I had to mouse over it, and then I realize the link is there.

    Yes, it is a great resource. Getting the similar seminars for free - and at our convenience! I like Dan Sheridan’s webinars. Very informative (he is on making trading as a business, have a plan, and very good info. on risk management.)

    Pl. share if you find something useful.
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