Can i do two monitors on a Nvidia GeForce4 MX 440

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by arthus, Jun 18, 2003.

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    I got this card when i bought a dell 4600. I have been searching the archives but i didn't see exactly if i could actually run two monitors with this card. Should i add another video card???

    I appreciate your comments

  2. Hmmmm, I have a VisionTek GeForce 4 MX440 (of course w/the NVidia chipset) and it is dual-monitor capable.

    Not to be sarcastic or anything, but have you checked the back of your tower? How many heads/inputs are there for monitors? :confused:
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  4. I 'd like to see a comparison among offers from Matrox, Nvidia and ATI. Has anyone done this?
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    i have had all 3
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    appian also but its really an ATI card anyway?
  7. I believe the Nvidia chipset used on the MX440 is dual monitor capable, but not all boards built with it are.

    It's pretty simple to verify though - if you've got two RGB outputs on the back of the card, the card is dual monitor capable. If you have only one monitor output, it's not.
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    I apologize but i dont know a lot about computers. So...

    I just saw in the back o f the computer and it has a VGA connector a TV out ( which is a circular connector) and what i think it is a a DVI-I connector... i got my monitor in the VGA so ... can i put a DVI-I VGA adapter and then put my other monitor...

    THanks for your help I really appreciate your comments
  9. If you have a VGA connector and a DVI-I connector then you
    should be able to run 2 monitors. You can run a flat panel with
    the DVI connector or go buy a vga adaptor for the DVI-I connector
    and run another VGA monitor. The adaptors run about $27 at
    your local computer store...
  10. i have vga and dvi plugs in the back of my computer and my scenario is the same as the guys above. i have windows nt but, when i go to properties then settings to choose the amount of monitor it doesnt show more than one monitor. i been reading about it and it all looks easy to do but i dont have the options. can someone help me? thanks in advanced.
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