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  1. Is there someway I can create my own indicator without being a computer super genius...based on VOL and PA. I.E. price does this with vol doing this along with this etc and indicator lights up...something like that using ninja?
  2. I don't feel like learning how to walk properly.
    Is there some way I can just build myself a nice set of crutches instead?
  3. You really don't know what your talking about.

    I'm only using one indicator and everything else is PA/VOL. I'm not looking to use an indicator as a crutch. I'm doing the analysis with a fucking notebook and pencil and would like to put what i've learned into the comp just to save time.
  4. Get rid of volume, and you will be ahead
  5. Thanks, but VOL is pretty important in my trading.

    Idiot up there just pissed me off bc he accused me of doing the very opposite of what I've been doing.
  6. That is a pretty ignorant response, but to each his own. If someone uses volume in a consistent method then why stop. Just the same if a guy uses lunar rotations he gets off his wal-mart watch.
  7. Just open up Excel and enter your formula in there. Excel is very easy to use and many help articles and tutorials can be found on the web.

    Finally, if the bug ever bites, look into anything put out by Worden, like Telechart or better yet Blocks. You'll probably find someone has already written your indicator. Amibroker is the best in this regard if you want to get a little more advanced.
  8. Ignorant is in the eye of the beholder. First, find people who use volume, and then prove it is the volume that makes the significant longterm outperformance. Then, you will learn that price is what matters.
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    Does every chat in here have to turn into an assclown festival, pissing match. damm.

    The guy that started this thread, asked a valid question, and in 9 repsonses, he only gets one valid post that helps him. its like kindergarten in here

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