Can I display TRIN in ESignal?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Mr. DNA, Oct 11, 2002.

  1. Mr. DNA

    Mr. DNA

    I would like to start using TRIN as an indicator.

    I understand the basic concept and have tried to calculate it manually while trading.

    Can I use esignal to display this data?

    Also, I ask the same question about TICK data.

    What is the best way to access these indicators while trading?


  2. $TRIN and $TRINQ for nasdaq trin. You can chart it like any other symbol. Also $TICK and $TICKQ.

  3. Mr. DNA

    Mr. DNA

    Thank you Tech Analysis,

    That helps a lot.

    Can you direct me to a comprehensive list of symbols for indicators?

  4. They've got one on their website under symbol lookup. I don't know the link offhand but it's there somewhere at
  5. wild


  6. ramuk


    I cannot seem to find it on eSignal.
  7. esig doens't have it. According to their tech guys it's "in the works"