Can i calculate a trailing stop without broker?

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  1. I need to have a trailing stop calculated on a portfolio of individual stocks.

    My stocks in this particular portfolio are held in a trust and i am not able to leave any stops as the trust co wont accept them. I cant move the trust elsewhere for many reasons to complicated to explain and bore you all.

    So on a spreadsheet i have the live data of the stock feeding in . How can i calculate a trailing stop using that data?

    I am useless with excell but if there is a formula i could insert that in the cell.

    Many thanks
  2. Does your trust calculate and report the daily NAV figure as all mutual funds do? Perhaps some other equivalent figure reflecting the present value? If so, it would be very easy for you to keep track of your stop.
  3. No they just give me an annual statement but i can check it online with a days delay.

    I have 5 stocks in the portfolio in pretty good size. I know the entry cost and track them but i want to be able to calculate a trailing stop for each stock.
  4. IMO it's best to place/move your stops manually.

    It always takes less than 5 minutes at night.

    Don't know your strategy but the last day minimum is a nice rule of thumb for me.
  5. Oh, Ok, if it's only 5 stocks, the portfolio never changes, and you know your entry prices, then it's trivial to keep track of your trailing stop. If your market value drops below whatever percentage from the highest market value since the purchase time, you cut the cord.
  6. Looks like your right and i just need to set a manual stop mentally daily.

  7. I think thats the only way. I was hoping there was a magic way of getting excel to calculate the trailing stop for me basedon the live feed i get daily on those 5 stocks.

    I will calculate it daily, many thanks.
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    it's not magic, but there is an add-in program for excel which will pretty much automate what you want to do, plus a bunch more.

    google "XLQ"

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    definitely the easiest way
  10. What feed are you using?

    I'd type the SYMBOL in column 1
    Use the syntax to calculate for Last Price in column 2
    In column 3 multiply the value in column 2 by your percentage level.

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