can i buy stocks that are not whole number?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ron_v12, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. ron_v12


    hey guys a noob question here, can i buy lets say for example 48 stocks? or the stock amount have to be a round number like 50 or 40.
    thanks for answers!
  2. Nobert


    48, 84, 4, 8, you name it.

    90% of brokers should provide that, at least bucket shops in Europe do. Like Etoro or Plus500.

    Last winter i had a conversation, with one random guy in hostel ;
    based on his knowledge, the lowest amount, required amount to open brokerage account was $50 000 both US and EU, and the lowest amount of stock per transaction had to be >1000.
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  3. guru


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  4. Yes, you can and you should be able to. Even you can also buy only 1 stock.
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    Right. A "full lot" is 100 shares and any number of shares traded below 100 is considered an "odd lot".

    Now here's something not everyone knows: When you look at chart data with open, high, low, and close prices, did you know that odd lots do not contribute to that chart data? Example: if the highest full-lot trade for a day was $139.14 but the highest odd-lot trade was $139.20, you will see $139.14 as the high on the chart. I think this was due to a past convention of not posting odd-lot trades to the TOS, Time of Sales. Although you can see odd-lot trades on the TOS nowadays, data providers seem to be sticking to that past convention. Robert -
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    Then, would it be right to say, that on very expensive stocks like AMZN, retail activity isn't so visible ?
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    That's a good corollary - certainly the small retail trader flies under the "chart radar" ;)
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