can i buy otc stocks from ib?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by oo7, Feb 17, 2004.

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    only if it's closing a short position, and then it can only be done via telephone.
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    Does anyone know what brokers to use for OTC stocks? Does anyone dabble in them? Would appreciate anyone who shares their experiences on the execution aspects of trading OTC.
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    thanks, gaj
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    OTC is any non listed stock.
    If you want to trade OTC (nasdaq) no problem. If you want to trade OTC (bulletin board) then closing position only at IB.
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    Ameritrade and friends allows you to trade them
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    OTC = Nasdaq, OTC Bulletin Boards, Pink Sheets, and god forbid the Grey sheets.

    I trade Bulletin Boards and Pinkies periodically at

    Get really good fills when (GNET) ARCA is on the bid or offer and now INET has markets sometimes you can see in the old ISLD book for free at their website - they do not display on level 2. Often you will see a locked market.

  8. OK, you got me....what are the "grey sheets"? That would be a new one to me after being in the biz since 96`.
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    I did not believe it either when I heard the term... been in the industry a while myself.

    It is a callable only market, no dissimenated quotes anywhere.

    Sometimes in you do not see the market on OTCBB quotes and not on pinks you can still call a market maker to see if they trade it.

    Here's a blurb from the web...

    Other OTC
    Or otherwise known as the "Grey Market" is the trading of a security that is not listed on any stock exchange or quoted on the Pink Sheets or the OTCBB. Other OTC trades are reported to the NASD so investors can track price and volume, however bids and offers are not collected in a central spot so Best Execution of orders is difficult.

    OTC Bulletin Board
    An electronic quotation medium for unlisted, non-Nasdaq, over-the-counter securities. The OTC Bulletin Board allows Market Makers to display firm prices for domestic securities, foreign securities, and ADRs that can be updated on a real-time basis.

    Pink Sheets®
    The Pink Sheets is a centralized quotation service that collects and publishes market maker quotes for OTC securities in real time. Pink Sheets is a nexus of OTC dealer markets that enhances price transparency in the OTC markets so investors can more efficiently buy and sell OTC securities.

  10. Thanks for the info. I thought that if a MM trades it they have to display a quote (at least one sided no matter how far away from the current "mkt") or a"bid wanted" or "offer wanted". Very confusing???
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