Can I be a good trader?

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    Hello everyone!

    I've been a day trader for five months but still can only made $2000~$4000 per months and I dont think I could do any better in the future.

    I really love this job but I'm not sure if I can take this to be my career. Could anyone give me some suggestion?

    Thx and regards
  2. I think you should be a trader.. but, it looks like you're having second thoughts. Trading isn't a profession where one should be unsure of what they really want to do.
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    What makes you think this person should or should not be a trader? The original poster has yet to give us any idea how he is making the money.

    To give a meaningful answer I think it is best to find out how much this person has at risk at one time, what type of strategy, and how much initial capital.

    Otherwise any answer one way or another is premature.
  4. No its not. Read carefully, the answer can be found w/in the question itself.
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    Um, ok...spell it out.

    What part of his post made you think he should be one?

    (this isn't to say that he should or should not be and I would love to see more info posted by the thread's originator.)
  6. Sure, trading isn't the only job out there.. Go find yourself a career that you can truly enjoy and where you just look forward to going to work at... and greatness will be sure to follow.
  7. "I've been a day trader for five months but still can only made $2000~$4000 per months and I dont think I could do any better in the future."

    You have 5 months more experience than I do - I'm just entering this arena. I don't know if anyone here takes quotes to heart, but I've lived by this everytime I make a mistake:

    "Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm"
    - Winston Churchill

    If you enjoy going to work everyday than stick to it.
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    Thank you for your replies :)

    I'm currently working as a daytrader. I love this job and it's so exciting. Now I can use thousands of shares to make $4000 per month on average- it's not bad for me. But I cann't see any growth here. Maybe 10 years later, I still make 4000 a month, even worse, maybe someday when I get up, then the company is gone...I'm not sure what will happen in the future.

    May be I think tooo much ....~~ :)
  9. Trading is an obsession, passion, the best entertainment, a challenge, the most fascinating game humans ever invented, a science, an art, the way of living and thinking, the strongest desire you ever had, an intellectual and physical fitness exercise and much more …. Look inside your soul. If you don’t feel this way about trading then you should not be trading at all! However if some of that resonates with you then don’t give up! Work hard, sweat, get frustrated, create, test, enjoy the triumphs and suffer losses, become a great trader and make as much money as you want!

  10. If you can make $2-4 k/ month in only five months of the trading
    I think you can do it better in the future.
    Good luck
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