Can High Frequency Algo's exploit Real-Time Limit Order Book data feed?

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    NYSE Amex OpenBook provides a real-time view updated every second of the Exchange's limit-order book for all NYSE Amex-traded securities. NYSE Amex OpenBook lets traders see aggregate limit-order volume at every bid and offer price, thus responding to customer demand for more depth-of-market data and raising the NYSE Amex market to an even greater level of transparency. NYSE Amex OpenBook is available directly from the NYSE Amex via a direct data feed and via most market data vendors.


    My question: what prevents adaptive algorithms from identifying price levels with large buy / sell support for a given security in order to set up a natural hedge against adverse price movements?

    EG: If I know there is lots of limit buy-side interest in a security @ 50 and it is currently selling at $50.50, shouldn't I buy NOW and be rewarded with limited downside risk?