Can Golden ratio of Market induce potential depression, distress and heart problem :D

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  1. "Dan did visit our research facility for two days at the time we were just completing its construction and before the lab was set up. He did indeed suggest to us that we look at spectral analysis of the ECG. I thought then and still do that this was a good idea; however, when we looked deeper into it we found that the appearance of the peaks in the power spectrum of the ECG that look like standing waves are completely dependent on the inter-beat-intervals in the ECG (the time between heartbeats). All one has to do in order to create the standing wave pattern in the ECG spectrum is to make the intervals between heartbeats the same (very low heart rate variability (HRV)). There is direct relationship between the heart's rhythm (HRV patterns) and the ECG spectrum. In other words, you can know what the ECG spectrum will be if you know the HRV pattern. In addition, the spacing between the peaks in the ECG spectrum is dependent on the interval length between heartbeats (heart rate). <font color=red> In order to generate an ECG spectrum with golden mean-related spacing between the peaks, one must have very low HRV and a heart rate of exactly 97.028 beats per minute. For this reason, and to avoid confusion, we call this the "low HRV mode".</font>

    The second issue is that the majority of people do not enter the low HRV mode when they are experiencing positive emotions. The majority of people instead exhibit a sine wave-like pattern in their heart rhythms. This is a very dynamic and efficient physiological mode that has been observed and recognized as a healthy functional mode in the scientific literature since the 1950s. This sine wave pattern in the heart rhythms is associated with improved health outcomes and increased systemic HRV.

    It is also important to point out that there is no way to really measure a person's subjective state. A person can be in a very loving state and the HRV pattern will not always indicate this, and if the HRV pattern does not reflect it, neither will the spectrum of the ECG. However, with that said, the most reliable indicator we have found that can discriminate positive from negative emotional states is the heart rhythm pattern.

    This low HRV mode is a valid transient state that is associated with very low autonomic nervous system outflow. The main point here is that this low HRV state (what Dan Winter calls heart coherence) is not something that should be cultivated by individuals with health problems. <font color=red>A low HRV state is not only associated with autonomic neuropathy and autonomic deinnervation (as found in heart transplant recipients) but is predictive of increased risk of sudden cardiac death and all-cause mortality, and also associated with depression, anxiety and a host of other disorders</font>. To train people into this low HRV state goes against all that is known about healthy function and emotional stability. This does not mean that it is not a valid state for advanced practitioners to enter into sometimes, but to do so without the ability to first be able to maintain the physiologically coherent mode is potentially problematic, especially to individuals with heart disease, diabetes or low heart rate variability.

    For the vast majority of people, it takes time and practice to become proficient at entering the heart rhythm coherence mode. Developing consistency and stability in this mode is important in order for this mode of physiological functioning to become established as a familiar state so that individuals can shift into it at will, especially during challenging or stressful situations. Therefore, we have chosen not put focus on the low HRV state at this time."
  2. Harrytrader;

    Unless one actually believes others & things are responsible for problems like depression ;
    no, I would rather take responsibility solve the problems.

    Winter, December & January are higher probability- not certainty for depression;

    salmon & olive oil ...have been proven to help heart.:cool:

    There is treasure to be desired and oil in the dwelling of the wise -Solomon trader king