Can Gas Hold $135+ for Long???

Discussion in 'Economics' started by canyonman00, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. If this is true, I am wondering what the impact would be. And, is the country pissed off enough to go spend a few hundred bucks to make the change?

    100 miles on a glass....Arabs need to millk us quickly if this is true.

  2. Mr Pain

    Mr Pain

    The guys on Mythbuster tested this or another system like it. It made hydrogen but not enough to run anything. The hooked up a regular car engine to a hydrogen tank and it worked.
  3. just $49. I'm really thinking of buying just to see
  4. I looked at this, there are some videos of a Russian company that uses a fuel cell to power a laptop, but running a car is a different story. There is some type of electrolytic process using the battery to produce this gas, It could possibly be blended with the fuel to boost power/ raise mpg.

    Morgan Stanley and GS want 150 by July 4 and they will get it, I am sure.