Can FXAuto make this function?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by suncarrot, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. I just think you can do a statistic of all the EAs signal. When more than 50% EAs show BUY, then we buy. Or more than 50% show SELL, then we sell. Maybe this could make the veracity a little higher? Is this function possible to add to FxddAuto AutoTrading Platform?
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    Hi Sun,
    We are using many 3rd party systems, not just EA's
    We think you would like to see some sentiment indicator that shows when >50% of the system are in one direction?
    Is this along the same lines as you?
  3. Yes, I already know that your system is not using EAs. I have got the e-mail from your support team. Thank you very much for your reply. But we still do not know that each single signal obey which rules? We just see the signal comes in and tell us it's time to buy or sell. Like a black box trading. So I just think is there any possible that we colligate all the signals and when a high percentage of them shows the same signal, then we make the order. And let the programm do this job. But now I think it's hard to implement. Because some of the signals show long term, some are mid term and the other are short term. If we consider all these signals, we may lose a lot of chance to make profit. So just consider my opinion as a suggestion, never mind.:)

    Also I am wondering what's the connection between you and FXDD? Are you really a third party? Why on their official website they claim we can use your Auto Trading Platform as their offered trading platform. If your system can let your members making a lot of profit from FXDD, (as I see it's really make a lot of profit when I used the Demo account), why they let us use your system? Aren't they afraid losing too much money because of your Auto System? Just kiding.:p
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    Hi SunCarrot,
    It is not black box trading, black box is hidden strategy running on your PC, you are able to take signals from manual and algorithmic systems and build your portfolio accordingly, you have also options to close, cancel or modify orders as you wish. Obviously, how the signals are generated remains proprietary to the developer.

    FXDD is a broker using our platform technology, we are a 3rd Party, just like many brokers are using 3rd Party MetaTrader and so forth.

    Actually, it is in FXDD interest for client to remain profitable, thus reducing client churn and increase trading volume. The dealing desk can offset their exposure very easily to the Interbank market if their clients are heavily biased in one direction, therefore zero risk to them.