Can Europeans trade with Echo ?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Peternam, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Or is it restricted to USA and Canadian people ?
  2. Anyone ?
  3. Lornz


    Why not contact them directly?

    I've never understood why people prefer to post on a message board rather than pick up the phone or send an email. It's their job to help you...
  4. zdreg


    why do u care?
    you may learn something useful even if by accident.
  5. Lornz


    I don't care, but he's asked twice in two days.

    If he had asked for a review of the firm, then I would understand the need to utilize a message board. But, I think practicalities are best answered directly by the firm.

    For the record, I know of a Norwegian trader that was using ECHOtrade several years ago.

    However, I can only see "State" (as opposed to country) in their contact form now:
  6. Dont do it.
    If I am not wrong , you need series 7 and am paid on a K-1 at Echo, this means that your income is effectively connected and you will have to file taxes in the USA. a W8-BEN form will not cover this
  7. why not just call them and find out?
  8. No one under 30 knows how to use a telephone anymore. At least not to make calls on :)
  9. Yes, no choice for country ,so I cannot contact them online....
  10. A direct quote from a trader's post on another thread, regarding Echo's LinkedIn profile:

    "You must be a US or BC Canada resident with an active Series 7 to trade with us."
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