Can EU brokers match USA offer ?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by milstar, Aug 8, 2005.

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    1. Can U.K./France based broker match USA offer ,atleast
    for own Euronext product LFT(LX) GMCTN(IX)

    Author first impression not .Or some of respondent have naother inforamtion

    2. For EU based operator some time can be possible
    to catch London/Paris by opening . ES in this time
    moved not each time synchron with LFT and GMCT

    GF offer 675 pounds and 1000 euro intraday margin .

    Did you knew margin offer comparable to ES ? /500$/

    3. Which from experienced operator can compare
    trading with aex,smi,lft,gmct,es in NY time
    between 1.00 a.m. -6.00 am.

    Author would very pleased for answer.
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    Dear Xenia

    It is margin equal demanded from exchange .
    GF offfer better margin for LFT and CAC40 .
    Xtrader offered free for account with 5000$
    from USA broker .
    "Online trader" offer account minimum 25000$

    More of them ,author contacted Liffe today .
    Liffe(!) asked author ,what is LFT and GMCT
    in my e-mail .

    CME not asked me until today what is ES .

    "Quality of Life in Paris cannot be compared with USA"

    Rene Fleming /Paris Oper Prima ,USA native/

    But financial service industrie lead USA