can ETers move the whole market

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  1. first of all this market now is amazing as technician I can tell you we definetly should have experienced some draw back


    can ETers move the market,

    I say yes, if all of us 50 000 members started shorting tomorrow stocks across board at the same time, we could send this market into healthy correction


    seriously though, I shorted some more

    but honestly I can't keep shorting for too long now I need a bloody correction

    come on guys let help my account :p
  2. of those registered here there are no more than a hundred regular posters and maybe 50 real traders, rest is spammers, shills and of course aliases.
  3. aaawww there goes my plan B
  4. dunno but I feel in the same boat as you. waiting for a correction. last 2 weeks are nothing but green up bars.

    my shorts desperately want a breather. er... i mean *I* desperately want a breather for my shorts.

    Thank god I'm mostly long ... but my shorts are becoming pretty heavyweight positions. and just started entering into my NQ short.

    hopefully i'm not a full 1 month early.
  5. sometime in the next month big guys will urn the switch and bad news will be bad news like 300,000 new jobless claims....or projected gdp to decline in 2007:)
  6. Amateurs always try to short too soon and end up averaging themselves into a margin call.
    Traders short when the market goes down.
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    Opinions will ruin a trader.

    A "MAJOR" cause of traders imploding is because they have opinions from the second the mkt opens. When mkt goes against the opinion i bet subconsciously 9 out of 10 newbies will hang on until the bitter end.

    Opinions are ego stroking, trade price not your ego. When and only when a trader reaches that level of professionalism will be/she see light.

    Trading is going to test a person like he/she has never been tested in real life before. The days are over where you sneak a peak on test day at Susie's paper for the right answer.

    OPINIONS are for analysts, decide what you are "a trader or a guru".

    Think if it like this: Assume a trader is Ice Cream and further assume a guru is Horseshit (road apples) mix the ice cream with the horseshit. Do a taste test. Which loses?

    Same for trading. Do not mix opinionated poo with regular TA.

    OK, time for a holiday, i am expecting good food at relatives... :) back to trading on Monday, Friday is shopping day. .. :cool: :cool: :)
  8. 1. We haven't had any distribution days in the SPY or IWM since God knows how long.

    2. SMH is distributing, but not breaking down.... (yet)

    3. QQQQ is outperforming SPY.

    4. We're over 50 day moving average in all major market indices.

    How anyone in their right mind short this market is beyond me.

    Consider shorting when points 1-4 change drastically to the negative. It doesn't happen overnight usually, it's a process of days, maybe a few weeks. Slowly point by point the signs will get clearer and clearer. Then the time MIGHT (!) be right and risk/reward ratio of going short is on YOUR side.

    Clearly, right now (Points 1-4) playing with shorts is playing a game of losing money because profit expectancy is negative.
  9. man


    and the moon has ears.
  10. YES & YES.

    There was a fascinating little column attached to Alan Ableson's last diatribe. It came from someone called Alan Newman from CrossCurrents & it explains EXACTLY what's going on today.
    His points-
    > Over the last 7 years ETF assets have grown wildly their assets have increased 40% EACH YEAR. In 1999 there were just 30 ETF's now there are over 290! In 2006 net issuance of ETF shares totaled $34 Billion!

    So folks that's an extra $34 billion shortsellers have to work against that wasn't there before. Mediating this would be perhaps less mutual fund participation but unlike a mutual fund an ETF FIRST must buy all the component stocks it's wants to represent.

    Add corporate buybacks into the picture drop in a ton of liquidity & you have the recipe for UP action.
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