Can ET require disclaimers?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by esc_trader, Sep 14, 2002.

  1. Its certainly no secret, those people who shamelessly hawk their brokers, prop firms, and trading services, who financially benefit from getting customers, have taken over this board.

    Their "unbiased" opinion on all matters regarding trading is damaging I think to newer traders, and should not be weighed equally with posts of actual traders who have nothing to gain.

    It would be nice if ET could require disclaimers in their posts that these people have a financial interest in hyping their firms or slandering their competition, but since ET itself has a financial interest in keeping their advertisers happy, that is unlikely to say the least.

    I think those of us who actually make their money trading may consider disclaimers in our posts in the signature field that we are actual traders, such as:

    "I am not an employee of any brokerage, prop firm, or company providing trading services, and have no financial interest in attracting customers."

    or something to that effect.
  2. right, now you and I, we are smart enough to figure out what is going on, but that is because we are among the few elite traders around here. Some, if not all, are not not as smart as us, so they need things to be spelled out for them.

    I am going to add this to my "It would be nice file."

    And this is a true story I swear I am not lying. This guy had a bumper sticker which said "Tibet for Tibetens"

    Now I probably don't keep up like I should so I asked him what it meant.

    He replied, "It would be nice if China would stay out of Tibet."

    (That's when I started my "It would be nice file.")
  3. Sounds good to me....but how do you enforce it?

    I will assume a great number of the "members" of ET are fake names used to attack others. I wish that unverifiable email address such as yahoo, or hotmail, were required to put up a credit card number for verification purposes. That would make people accountable.

    I changed my signature to include a disclaimer read as follows:

    "I actively trade by using scalping techniques and some intraday position methodologies. I manage a prop office. Please do not hold that against me unless my post is a blatant promotion for the firm."
  4. and wouldn't it be nice to be Wally Cleaver?

    and wouldn't it be nice to Leave It To Beaver?

    and wouldn't it be nice if the Internet were really free?, and Cable TV?

    and wouldn't it be nice that we could have our meals prepared, piping hot just from the kitchen, instead of having to declare a profession, trying to master it, trying to make a living, paying some poor hayseed to farm and sell us food, and paying for the maid to prepare it?

    hey, let's just all return to the 50's...

    Until Baron posted this site, which if I had known about it before meeting those dispicable craps from Long Island, NY (namely Onsite...), then I could have saved myself many, many bundles.

    Baron, in doing a public service, although we haven't met, also has a business to run, and expenses to pay in paying programmers, even simplistic programmers, to prep this site. He has to pay an ISP to host it. He has to pay others for the Electric, and so forth. Obviously, we sign up for free, so then, this site is worth exactly what we've paid for it.

    Isn't it?
  5. JayS


    So will you be a Texan or Californian (is that a word) tomorrow?

  6. Decisions, Decisions.

    I am rooting for the Longhorns tonight.

    I am a Cowboys fan, even though they really suck.

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    You have to give the Houston Texans some respect, they are undefeated in regular season play since their inception. LOL

    San Diego Chargers on Sunday.
  7. seems like people can protect themselves, without having to have other people do it for them. In most cases, anyways.

    If you're really concerned about this, you could monitor posts and interject a warning to help the naive one if he's being taken advantage of!
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