can ET experts answer why SP/Dow,Gold,Crude,Euro ALL UP?Nov 24th

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  1. can ET experts answer why SP/Dow,Gold,Crude,Euro ALL UP?Nov 24th...hmmm...this almost never happens...please explain..thanks!
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    burst of the dollar cash hoarding bubble? market correction? no idea.
  3. Well, unless you've been in a cave for the last couple of months, you'd know that all of them have been going down together as the funds all have to raise cash.

    So it stands to perfect reason that they all have a relief rally together as well (as previous poster stated, it's all related to the dollar).
  4. hey cats the dollar answer makes no sense here...why?...Markets ($dollar) are soaring...also the Euro is soaring against the dollar so makes no sense..also, Gold is where actual cash dollars go when dollar is weak and Gold is also soaring..hmm...okay, I am stretching your thinking again normal "Cnbc answers..."...lets think here...really think...
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    Base on the current public information, we can say it makes no sense for this going up and that going down. We must give a room for the hidden agenda of the elephants. They might know something ahead then us. As example of BSC. Oh! Yes we knew BSC will be bought at $2 but what the hell BSC kept trading above $2 and who were those idiot who were buying at $3, $4 or $5 then finally making huge money because the final real deal was $10 I think.

  6. The dollar's dropping like a rock (finally, after skyrocketing for the past 4 months).

    I really have no idea how you are able to trade....not just by this inane thread, but all of your others as well.

    Try googling "yen carry trade" to understand a bit about how all the macro economic money flow issues work in this world.

    Learn a bit about how the usdjpy and eurjpy affect prices of all assets (or rather how those currency relationships are indicative of whats going on in worldwide money flows between various asset classes).

    Nuff said....I'm outa here.
  7. Except for the Gold move every thing as Sandy said earlier is "playbook." Stock and commodity weakness coupled with dollar and Treasury strength have been highly correlated trades. Today they are all reversing in tandem.

    Gold is the decoupler.

    Gold is Good. Has been. It's sell off was token compared to other metals, stocks and energies. Gold says" aha, you governments and economies have a found a way out of your depression. Your method is transferring liabilities to government. We bet the purchasing power of your collective currencies gets punished in the process."
    Gold has not been rallying on a flight to quality from plunging stocks-it's rallying on anticipation of a global currency meltdown. These governments are broke unless the printing press goes wild and they've all just proclaimed"don't worry voters, Nanny's here to save the day with the no-limit card!"

    So while bailouts with 13 figures worth of stimuli are a reason to buy cheap stocks they're also a reason to sell dollars and buy metals.
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    I'm not an expert, but I would guess it's because of Citi.
  9. so, this formula is not for certain every day:

    Markets ($USD) up=Euro, Gold down

    Marktes ($USD) down=Euro, Gold up
  10. They all must have hit SUPER support.:eek:
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