Can eSignal do the job of tradestation?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Nasdaq5048, May 24, 2006.

  1. I am wondering if you can write your own indicator for eSignal. Does eSignal have its own easylanguage?

    I am using tradestation right now, but have no access to foreign data. I just opened an account with IB and is looking to plot foreign stocks data with my own custom indicator. Can anyone using eSignal please share how similar is eSignal to Tradestation?
  2. McCloud


    You can use Ensign software with Esignal data feed.
  3. maysumi


    yes you definitely can make your own indicators in esignal - it's got a pretty powerful scripting language built-in - not easylanguage - more like java
  4. esignals programming language is very similar to javascript. If you are comfortable with that you will have no problem creating your own indicators or modifying the pre-existing indicators.
  5. why not take a look at amibroker ?
    here is the website >

    thats what i use along with esignal and i perfer it for writing indicators,systems, scans, etc. very powerful language in there AFL . I wouldn't use anything else myself. check it out sometime . You can use a free trial version and there support is excellent.
  6. lwlee


    One of the sore points with Amibroker that I've found is that the your database of symbols needs to be manually managed if you don't use tcnet or quotes plus. This can be a pain if you do a lot of stock scanning and require a complete, up-to-date database. tcnet doesn't support futures. QP has futures but uses their own symbols.

    I'm juggling symbols for IB, QP and IQFeed in Amibroker. Bit of a pain.

    I'm gonna demo tradestation. Hoping its integrated platform is less maintainence-intensive.