Can ES trades get "busted"???

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Dominic, May 23, 2009.

  1. Dominic


    I have had over the years trades busted in the equities; some within 1 hour and others 3 days later on settlement day; some trades stood on the NYSE, yet were busted if going through an ECN; so there are many variables that come into play.

    As you know, if you where to go long and then sell and the orginal buy order busted, then you where illegal short; as you can imagine, it could cause some problems hours or days later.

    Has anyone had an ES trade busted in the past?

  2. it happens from time to time. At least I saw it busted 1 or 2 times on overnight spikes during last two years
  3. Yes, trades get busted.

    But you usually get notices from your broker/clearing firm by the end of the day. I've never had a notice on T+3. If you ever do, you're dealing with scum broker.
  4. wenzi


    You can check out the 588 rule on the cme website