Can Elliott Wave Theory just a marketing tool of Elliott?

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    Can we believe in Elliott Wave? Would it be just a marketing tool that is used by Elliott then keep using it by others for their own marketing purposes for that many decades?

    Since it is so hard to backtest Elliott Wave theory, anyone has any idea how to prove it works or does not work?
  2. Most if not all TA is a marketing tool.

  3. says the marketer
  4. Is anything more obvious?

    We understand such things. Just ask the FX dealers who offer free TA courses, software etc. who profit when the trader loses. Think they would push an edge producing tool?
  5. Are you implying that all the "TA" that exists has been discovered? That there is no unique way to interpret "TA" that can give you an edge? I can prove objective TA to you; but then what?
  6. There might be. Heck, uri geller still bends silver spoons. But based on my research, association with some of the top ranked funds of all time, experience and that of my colleagues, I can safely say trend hasn't even been defined, let alone a method to predict the future price moves based on past moves. Last guy that claimed to have an objective TA rarely lose system, threaten to sue me if I questioned him. So, no, I don't believe you.


  7. how much is the proof worth to you?
  8. Shouldn't you be implementing this, rather than chasing the holy grail?

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    PS-- truth is, after the last guy sent me his objective never lose TA program then threatened to sue me, I really have become shy of anyone who claims a near perfect TA system--- so its not worth anything to me, as I know what may happen when i test it and it fails. I have no interest in delusional thinking from internet aliases.

    Why not show me your success with the system, rather than the system itself? That would be a good start....
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