Can Elitetrader influence the markets?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Lobster, Oct 13, 2002.

  1. Obviously traders like volatility, probably everyone here would like to see huge swings even more accentuated, i.e. when the market is tanking due to concerns about a war, certain people here on ET keep posting phrases like "Let's Hunt Down Them Uh-Raki Folks That Done Built That There Nuke-ular Weapon And Bring 'Em To Justice", and the second the stockmarket turns around, those banners change to "Money is beautiful, let's all have a great economy!"

    The only two explanations for this phenomenon that I can think of are either the usual stupidity commonly found in individuals who prefer not to think individually ("dumb money") resulting in a sincere belief that whatever suits Bush politically is "the right thing to do", or an attempt to manipulate the markets through ET.

    What do you think, if EVERYONE on ET decided to buy US stocks tomorrow, how many S&P500 points would we get out of that?
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    Did the Bear-Stearns fat-finger in the S&P market influence it?
  3. marcD


    As close to zero as is possible. When I was in high school, my physics teacher said that if a fly landed on the Brooklyn Bridge, the weight of the fly would bend the bridge. But immeasurably. Same principle here.

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    It would be a quantum fluctuation......
  5. If we all did the same thing at the same time...we would get everyone's attention :cool:
  6. NO
  7. if every one of the 13,000 of us each bought a couple of ES contracts at the same time i think we'd make a bit of a stir..
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    That means whoever FPC is, would be long several hundred cars. :D

  9. You got to remember, of the 13,000 at least 3000 of those are people that already have an acct. Another 4000 stopped reading it, of the remaining, 1/2 probably don't trade. Leaving you about 3000 or so active Elite traders.

    Don't think so.
  10. The only stir we'd make is this: The boyz would realize the dumb money had arrived and fade the move big time, Then we'd all be selling 20 points lower.
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