Can Day Traders make a good living.

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  1. Hey.

    I wanted to know if day traders can make a good living. Like if someone who is VERY smart and dedicated to the market and all the above, can they make a good living. Or a GREAT living.
    Sorry for the dumb question, just wanted to know????????
  2. aura0663


    Beats my old newspaper route......most days anyway
  3. Kymar


    Good or great... there's no limit...

    Odds are very much against you though. I believe that you're much more likely to lose whatever money you invest in the effort, along with months or years of energy and effort, and more...
  4. yea i know what you mean. What im trying to say is the SMALL percentage of day traders who do make it, how much do they get yearly???????
  5. i don't know how much smarts has to do with it. not too much, i hope.
  6. I've trained well over a hundred traders. Intelligence has nothing to do with it. There are a million strategies that can be implemented, but to be successful the mind has to be fit psychology.
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    I've no ideas what others make, but as a part-timer my return is 1.2% per day.
  8. how much is that??????????
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    1.2% of my initial account size.

  10. LOL

    1.2% per day is something like 2000% a year compounded, and you are doing it part time?

    must be one heck of a day job

    i would say odds of launching and sustaining a well paying trading career are on par w/ any other small business. i.e. small but possible
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