Can coolweb make 300k NET per trade by Dec 2011?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by coolweb, Aug 28, 2010.

Can coolweb make 300k NET per trade by Dec 2011?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. I'm trying to ask myself if I can trade this size by next year December 2011 .
    I have the capital, but 30k risk per entry is risky.

    3 million intial position.
    300k net per profitable trade.
    30k risk for entry.

    This is a quesiton burning inside me.
    a. thoughts?
    b. advice on how to get their safely?
    c. your stories on previous experiences from rapid size increase?
  2. You seem very concerned with the opinions of other people. A trader who makes 300k net per trade doesn't need verification from others.

    A pro of any sort does not need to ask anyone if what he is doing is "right".

    All the best to you even if this doesn't apply, just seems very out of synch to ask this question if you are aiming at such greatness.

    Simply stated, to the person who performs miracles daily, miracles are simply normal things that they do, nothing special. It is only to everyone else that they are miracles.
  3. i am very concerned with how others percieve me,
    So in the future I know which faces to stomp on and laugh out at their misfortunes :D

  4. i dont think he cares how others look at it, he cares how to handle it from others' view.
  5. lojze


    my biggest question when comes to trading such sizes comes to: Is it possible to trade them alone?

    Or it does make sense to trade them in bigger group, with professional mentor, ...?

    Psychological aspect with too big size is in my oponion really important.
  6. 90% says no..!!
  7. jinxu


    Depends on how long you're gonna sit on a position and how much leverage you'll use. I don't see that being possible if you're a daytrader.
  8. I hope by then you can have some peace, otherwise all that money will be worthless.

    All the best