Can Civil War Be Far Behind?

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    It's a frequently heard lament: Why can't Washington get along and compromise on the big issues of the day?

    The federal government is, of course, divided, with the Democrats owning the White House and the Senate, the Republicans in control of the House.

    The division, though, didn't begin in Washington. It has been created by the voters, and the gap between the sides is so wide that there seems to be no ground for compromise.

    Given the deep polarization found in the country, lawmakers simply cannot find common cause without betraying their constituencies.

    Consider that our IBD/TIPP poll finds that 64% of Democrats give President Obama an "excellent" or "good" rating on his performance of managing the federal budget. Only 7% of Republicans believe he is doing an "excellent" or "good" job.

    The chasm on Obama's handling of the fiscal cliff negotiations is similar. Our poll finds that two-thirds of Democrats say Obama performed his duties in an "excellent" or "good" manner, while a mere 11% of Republicans agreed.

    The gap grows on the president's handling of the economy: 71% of Democrats like his work, but only 7% of Republicans agree, with 75% believing it has been "poor" or "unacceptable."

    Despite chronically high unemployment and widespread long-term joblessness, 70% of Democrats give Obama an A or B in job creation and economic growth. A similar portion, 68% of Republicans give him a D or F.

    In terms of overall federal economic policies, our poll shows that 73% of Democrats are "very" or "somewhat" satisfied with what Washington is doing, but only 17% of Republicans agree.

    In fact, 83% of Republicans say they are not satisfied.

    Today's debt ceiling debate is a prime example of just how far apart Americans have grown.

    One side, the Democrats who run the Senate, don't even believe in passing a federal budget and haven't done so in almost four years — more than 1,350 days.

    The other side, the Republicans, believes so strongly that Congress should pass a budget each year as the law requires that some members say they won't approve an increase in the debt ceiling until the Senate passes a budget.

    Democrats so desperately want to raise the debt ceiling, some even want Obama to break the law and hike it unilaterally, then let the courts sort out the constitutional issues.

    Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the San Francisco Democrat who won her no-compromise 12th District with more than 85% of the vote, illustrates how far removed the parties are from each other in their thinking. She said she would increase the debt limit without congressional approval "in a second" if she were president.

    With Americans as far apart as the poles on these issues, how can they expect their representatives in Congress to find areas of agreement?

    Democratic voters don't want the lawmakers they put into office voting for spending cuts and lower taxes.

    At the same time, GOP voters have had enough of Republicans who will give an inch to the Democrats' permanent campaign for higher taxes and bigger government.

    With apparently little give on either side, the country seems to be looking, at least in the near future, at rigid gridlock.

    While one side says "more, more," the other is saying "no more."

    Don't be surprised if both sides dig in even deeper during the debt ceiling negotiations.
  2. No need for civil war.If you dont like the democratically elected government here just leave
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    I suppose that gridlock is preferable to seeing all kinds of liberal legislation passed.

    As far as civil war, who exactly would be fighting who? There is no geographic demarcation between the two sides. Its an ideological split without any clear objective to fight for. What is more likely is some kind of generalized backlash towards the government.

    Most people are content to try to ride it out until the left is voted out via democratic means. If the government tried to seize private firearms that, of course, could all change quickly.
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    With the entitlement/welfare class and their liberal cheer leaders outnumbering the productive tax payers?
  5. I can see no reason for the parasite class to EVER vote out their leaders.

    It has been the Progressives' goal for more than 100 years to get us to this point. All that is left now is for America to deteriorate until the bloody revolution... which will likely end with dictatorial rule.

    Sad... what greedy little bastards we have become and what we have done to our once great country.

  6. "We" haven't done it. It's the lazy, entitlement loving, baby making blacks that have bankrupted this country both fiscally and morally. And the deranged liberal media has aided it the whole way.
  7. I believe it started with politicians running on the "greed" platform... telling would-be voters, "give me your vote and I will give you something". As government has no money on its own, it must take from one citizen to give to another.

    And of course, greedy little bastard citizens said, "I'm down wid dat".... which has progressed to where we are today.

    Americans should not be allowed to vote themselves property to be taken from others. Americans should not be be allowed to vote unless they pay an appropriate amount of Federal Income Tax. Americans should not be allowed to vote unless they pass a civics test.

    Did you know... at Hillman College in Michigan (I believe that's the correct one), ALL degrees require passing a course on the US Constitution!

  8. When Carter left office the national debt was around a trillion dollars.Most of the 15 trillion in debt since Carter are from polices,programs and wars started by Reagan,Bush and Bush and had very little to do with blacks.Bush increasing defense spending from 300 billion to 700 billion had nothing to do with blacks,The Bush tax cuts had nothing to do with blacks,Bushs medicaid expansion had nothing to do with blacks,Bushs wars had nothing to do with blacks,Bushs massive expansion of government and government employees had nothing to do with blacks ,blacks did not cause Bush to take a balanced budget and turn it into a trillion dollar deficit etc but dont let facts get in the way of your racism
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    Tsing Tao

    That's the idea, rocket scientist. The 46 million of us pissed off will leave.
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