Can China swoop in and buy America cheap?

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  1. Lots of stocks down in the dumps, cant China come in and start buying up US companies for cheap? Also properties and land etc..

    Would be funny if China Buys General Electric and other companies like BNI,General Dynamics etc..
  2. Yes they can, and yes they are. Not just American either. Eg. Rio Tinto.
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    Didn't they already?
  4. Yea, Russia, india, china, venezuala, middle east....pretty much all the countries we DONT want to be in debt to.
  5. Let the chinese or any other foreign investors buy whatever land they want, they can't take it anywhere, they have to pay taxes on it, and they are still subject eminent domain.
  6. Yeah, like Blackstone ... oh wait, nevermind.

  7. The price of American stocks are still too high yet. China's own stocks are much cheaper in comparison right now. If the Chinese are smart, they'll wait a few years till American stocks have bottomed out.

    For years the United States has spent billions on the military to prevent a foreign invasion. Lately that military spending has come indirectly from foreign borrowing. Cheney ("defecits don't matter") basically saved the foreigners from having to risk their lives to take over the United States. They're just going to buy it for pennies on the dollar.
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