Can Capitalism save America ?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Humpy, Jan 11, 2011.

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    If one is to go down the Capitalist road then if a State or country becomes bankrupt for whatever reason then they should have a " fire sale " of enough assetts to pay off the debt.

    The incompetent rulers of that entity would be purged of any assets they might hold to help pay the debt. This would at least concentrate their minds to their jobs. No more massive payouts to get rid of them plus pensions, plus perks. Oh no. They cocked it up and must help pay off imho.

    There is a certain evolutionary principle here where the incompetent don't get to mess things up in the first place.

    As it is, democracy puts incompetent losers into public office and hence the results. They retire on piles of public money which they didn't earn

    What we have currently is some form of Communism or Facism which is disguised as something other...

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  4. The US has the press, which is 80%+ leftist. The left has a propaganda machine in place which helps put incompetence and crooks into office. They're so powerful, they put an inexperienced radical leftist in the highest office of the land. [​IMG]
  5. Capitalism? What's that? Capitalism has been dieing a slow death for decades, and the coffin was nailed shut in 2008 when the financial terrorists walked away scot free after destroying the economies of the entire f'n world, and, AND, getting re-financed to do it all over again, all on the backs of their victims. It is the crime of all time.
    To answer your question, yes capitalism could save America. Too bad saving America isn't in the playbook.
  6. Well put.
  7. It certainly is not in Obama's playbook. [​IMG]
  8. Obama didn't create it, and he probably can't fix it seeing how he's bought and paid for by the same corporate thugs that own the political system.
    In order for the fascists in corporate America to work their global plan, America must be dismantled.