Can Canadians open accounts at US retail firms?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by bonds, Dec 28, 2010.

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    Not sure of the exact rules.
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    If you are a TD customer, can't you have an account with TD Ameritrade?
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    dont know...
  4. short answer is: you can't

    Thank the "blue sky" law for that. US brokers got to have a Canadian registration. The only 2 that I am aware of are Optionsxpress and IB

  5. Equities - NO

    Futures only - YES
  6. Any suggestions of good future-brokers for Canadians. I'm interested in trading E-mini products and Energy futures (CL an NG). Thanks
  7. No, it is illegal under Canadian law since circa 2002.

    But there is a simple way around it...
    Form a US or offshore corporation...
    And you'll need a decent accounting firm...
    To manage all your tax filings...
    So it's not trivial.

    IB has gone to great pains to be registered in Canada. So you might as well enjoy it. I know I do.
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  10. This is something new.

    How can I contact the good IB folks in Canada?
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