Can BnB keep it at 55 ?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Bob Rowshan, Sep 13, 2007.

Can BnB keep posting 55 X a day?

  1. Yes, he'll keep it up

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  2. No, he'll crash and burn soon

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  1. BnB is setting a blistering pace of 55 posts per day. Can he keep up this suicidal pace??
  2. Vtechno


    It's no doubt he would have a fraction of the posts if other posters from ET didn't bash him. Don't forget to take that into account. Atleast he sticks up for himself.
  3. I disagree. You must be 1 of his 9 aliases.
  4. As of this post he is at 54.02 posts per day. I would think an ET sponsor would want to get his money's worth. Now that I have wiped away the tears of laughter, carry on.
  5. You would think the post count would drop at night, the guy must sleep alittle.
  6. Bob do not post this crap in the TRADING section, you should know better. Off to chit chat with this BS. This is the only warning :mad:
  7. Vtechno


    I am not. Some of his antics make me laugh because they are rediculous, but who cares? Atleast he's trying to be somebody.