can Blinds trade ?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by WD40, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. WD40


    My friend is blind.

    He is smart, well read, a very knowledgeable person.

    He wants to get into trading. He is asking for my assistance.

    In which I am turning to you for help, because I have no idea how a blind person can trade.

    What do you suggest?
  2. YoungOne


    Sound. You could have triggers that go off by sound and bind important keys so that he just uses a few keys.
  3. There are a couple of services that provide oral quotes on S & P all day long. A person could trade something like Mark Fishers method with quotes alone. I think it would be tough but not impossible.
  4. Fundamentals and historical prices.

    Forget daytrading. Swing and longer term.

    You dont need to be able to see to trade. Reading braille or a helpful partner to decipher a balance sheet is more than enough. Use a retail brokerage with phone support.

    I bet your friend makes millions in fact.

    Great thread. Please keep it alive if he decides to make a go at it!
  5. WD40


    thanks for your thoughts.

    Honestly I agree that he should forget about daytrading. Swing trade or long term investment is safer for him. But being a smart man he is, and he is already a successful long term investor in his own right, I can't really stop him from taking on this challenge. He is a cautious man by nature: he is blind. I don't think he will do something stupid. i.e. he is not likely to blow out his account by trading recklessly. It is more a matter of delivering the market data to him, and facilitating a way for him to perform useful analysis, so that he can make timely trading decisions.

    Sound is a great idea. As a first step, I am thinking of rigging up Tradestation for him.

    I will write a sound routine that annouces the closing price every 5 mins.

    During the 5 minutes interval, if the price trades above the previous bar's high, it will give a high pitch beep. If the price trades below the previous bar's low, it will give a low pitch beep.

    He can then listen to the market as it unfolds, and plots a graph in his mind.

    I will run the idea with him tonight.
  6. malaka56


    I always thought it would be handy to rig a MIDI keyboard or two into a level2 setup with each key being a price level. Probably faster than point and click.
  7. You can use sounds in Amibroker. At least to mark the execution of a trade.
  8. was this person blind from birth? if not how did it happen.
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