can anyone tell me what's the price in

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    Gold futures open on Sunday evening on CME Globex.
  2. thanks for telling me. but i don't know what the data is, do you know? by the way, they also have data on Christmas 25/12, is weird...
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  4. yes, i checked quandl, but cannot tie the values with businessinsider. i found that quandl sometimes too late to refresh the end of day prices, so i m finding other resources
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    I just checked the CFDs on, and cannot match businessinsider, either. (But, FWIW, I would trust [which will identify the instrument/market being quoted] long before I'd trust businessinsider [which does not]... :cool:
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    Businessinsider=Henry Blodget=bull droppings
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  7. for, sometimes i found that the price is not matching with quandl. for example if you look at the open price of gold futures at 27/12/2018, they are not matching. also there is price in 1/1/2019 in it is weird. do you think is reliable?
  8. thanks for telling me. do you think businessinsider gold price is the underlying gold price? anywhere can we verify? i can't find the underlying comm price in the internet.

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