Can anyone tell me if July mini-corn traded below 720 ?

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  1. Hi, my sell-stop for 2 July mini corn contracts (YCN8) got filled yesterday (June 16, 2:11:44 PM) at 720. However I don't see mini corn prices below 724 on the chart on the CBOT website. Can anyone tell me if July mini corn has traded below 724 yesterday (June 16) or Monday (June 15)?

  2. Yes. They were filled. The low was 703. (cascading stops eh?)
  3. here ya go.
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  4. Looks like there was a cascade of stops. The low on the screen traded mini Corn was 704.
  5. Jeez read my post made without the benefit of seeing your's first! Hope we're not related....:)
  6. Thanks guys, it seems that I even got lucky to be filled at 720 :)
  7. I actually saw the prints on the CBOT site - on the electronic trading. Did I actually know what I was trading...
  8. I was thinking the same thing. Glad you didn't get killed. BTW: it still sux because your stop was in a GREAT spot. Keep trading like that and over the long haul you'll be fine!
  9. Yeah, my entry was also good at the 723 breakout on Friday. Well, at least it's nice experience to trade those illiquid contracts :cool:
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    Instead of your 2 mini corns, which are very illiquid, why not trade 1 full size and add the benefit of much more liquidity?
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