can anyone successfully compiled the latest TWS API sample with visual c++?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by trend2009, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. I downloaded TWS API 9.72.18. I also tried to compile using visual c++ 2012 express, visual c++ 2015 community version, and 2017 exterprise. Although I successfully compiled its samples, but with numerous warnings. Anyone have compiled tws api samples without such many warnings?
  2. Risk619


    C# worked great. Took a few hours to upgrade from my 2015 dll, but I bet they fixed a lot. Won't run on .net core though.
  3. BigTommy


    I tried, and I couldn't get it to compile with anything. Do they document the actually API itself anywhere?
  4. Risk619


    I had to compile my own binaries, as such I think the whole thing is open source. The documentation is a little goofy but the code is all there.
  5. Risk619


    Just an update that I got it to work just fine on .net core 2.x