Can anyone send me " The 22 Rules of Investing by Jon & Pete Najarian"

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  1. Disregard - Thanks anyways...
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  2. Focus, instead, on your skill or ability to predict and/or manage the underlying movement of what it is you're watching and following and trading.
    It's the same concept or idea...whether you watch and trade on a daily time scale, or monthly or even longer.

    All that option terminology and various variations of it...are all kind of meaningless...if you can't predict and/or manage your underyling.
    You were registered in 2002, and you're asking this kind of question now...? Anyone registered that long, lifetime ago...I would expect them to be really profitable and consistent, and an expert by now.
    Slow learner, or you simply just don't have the initiative. o_O

    The Najarians and most people/traders on TV...are completely overrated, and are unnecessarily looked highly or even Godly upon.
    Step out of the shadows, and into the Light.
    Make Trading Great Again 2018...High-Five` a Jedi Yoda trader, not a StormTrooper trader,
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    they are overrated by lazy traders and a lazy investing public. however, they are still a lot better then the public at least in the short run.
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    Don't take anything lawrence says too seriously. He's just upset about the way hes spent the last 16 years, and wants to make sure you don't do the same.
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  5. Not even semi-seriously.