Can anyone recommend an accountant for an active trader (without TTS)?

Discussion in 'Taxes and Accounting' started by invortex, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. invortex


    I already know of Green and Mann. Any other firms? Thanks!
  2. DaveV


    I know about Green, but who is Mann?
  3. Fonz


    Since the past 2 years, I use the services of for my LLC (trader in securities and commodity futures), and my contact is Al Davidson, CPA.
    Pro Trader Tax, LLC
    Tel: 303-638-3400
    During tax season, of course he can be very busy. Service is as (good as I) expected.
  4. invortex


    I think his company is called DayTraderTax
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  5. Mann is really, really bad. Happy to go into detail via PM. Green (Manning) is adequate, but very pricey. Still looking for an experienced, fairly priced CPA.
  6. invortex


    Hi I PMed you. How pricey is Green? Who do you use there Adam or Darren?
  7. skimcap


    Have you found a CPA yet? I use Adam and am currently looking for a new CPA.
  8. FB2020


  9. vm81


    Does anyone know if Green still sells sample trader tax returns? Someone on another thread said that he used to atleast.
  10. sprstpd


    I seem to recall his trader tax guide that he sells has examples. I bought it many years ago.
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