Can anyone recommend a trading audio feed?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mgranskil, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. mgranskil


    I have been trading remote for a week now and no longer trade from the office and realized it would be wise to go with a news audio feed. I am a scalp trader and need a audio news service that can provide me with up to the second break news, events, etc. So if anyone can recommend any services I would appreciate it?
  2. Bloomberg, CNBC. Are you really only getting in once news comes out?
  3. Do you really think that news driven moves can't be scalped on the morning the news comes out?
  4. 4XQs


    Using Ransquawk for FX, they have an interest rates and energy channel for sure - don't know if they do US equities. TradeTheNews is another service which is used by many, I cannot vouch for their quality as it's not my market and I don't use them.
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    I want to bump this post.

    I'm also going to sign up for a direct live news feed, and would appreciate any advice as to the providers!
  6. Kubinec


    Bloomberg radio seems to work well enough so far. Not quite direct news feed as they shove some other stuff up in there, but it's better than refreshing the news page every second only to miss the enitre move.