can anyone recommend a ny securities attorney?

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  1. Can anyone recommend a New York City securities attorney or lawyer that handles small claims 50k and under that specializes in the prop/equities industry. Please send me a private message it would be appreciated.
  2. anyone?
  3. I wonder if there's anything left of Milberg Weiss. He was good.
  4. gkishot

  5. Lucrum


  6. Banjo


  7. much appreciated. Will look into these two
  8. unfortunately, the attorneys everyone recommended do not handle cases involving less then 100k.

    Can anyone recommend a securities attorney or lawyer who would be interested in handling a case under 50k.

    I am located in NY so someone in the area would be preferred. Please drop me a private PM.

  9. Maybe see if NYU or Columbia Law Schools have a legal clinic that would handle it. With a claim that small, unless it involves just writing a letter or something similar, you will end up paying more in fees than it's worth.
  10. since you are asking free advice, the least you could do is provide a synopsis of what you "wrongdoing" you plan to pursue...

    For a small case, against an established broker, advisor or otherwise, it is likely that their fine print will puncture your case before it ever hits the court. They may be an LLC/corp, registered in another state, such as NV or DE. And the burden of beyond reasonable doubt is on YOU. And any lawyer is going to want $$$ up front, making your case expensive. If you win, the defendant will likely just appeal you.

    $50K is not a small claim, but a different process. Anyone you sue will have a well-prepared lawyer, so going in yourself, with perhaps a few hours of prep from an attorney, will likely lose.

    Preparing for a court case will minimally cost you thousands.

    And even if you win, you still have to collect. That is why many who sue wind up settling for a smaller amount.
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