Can anyone recommend a good options book

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  1. clacy


    I'm not very familiar with options, but would like to learn more about them.

    I would like to use them as a substitute for some of my directional trades (stocks & futs).

    Very basic strategies, buying calls and puts.

    Hold time would be normally 10-60 days...... Very basic stuff

    Just want to understand the quotes better, volumes, heavily traded options, how far out the options should be, in the money vs out, etc

    I have a cursory understanding so not necessarily options 101, but the next step.

    Thanks in advance!

    *Edit to say that it doesn't have to be a book, but that's my preference. Even good basic option threads, etc would be welcomed.
  2. clacy


    Thanks, I did look at those a couple years back quickly, but I should probably revisit.
  3. Carl K

    Carl K

  4. spindr0


    "Options as a Strategic Adjustment" by McMillan is my suggestion.
  5. Options market making by baird is really good. It's basic+ as it has several strategies and risk parameters that might be overwhelming to someone new
  6. I found the book "Options Made Easy" by Guy Cohen to be a pretty decent read.
  7. jsmooth


    1) Option Volatility & Pricing - Natenberg
    2) Options, Futures, & Other Derivatives - Hull
    3) Option Market Making - Baird
  8. erol


    I have to agree with "options made easy" for basic strategies and basic spreads.

    Also if options is completely new then it's a great read.

    Then if you want more info, I then recommend "options as a strategic investment" by mcmillan ( which I'm currently reading). This was also mentioned in a prev post.

    If you're serious.... Then you must read " option Volatility and pricing" by natenberg.

    The two later books were recommended by this forum and I recommend them as well!
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