Can anyone prove love is real?

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    Not maternal love. As I believe there is a biological component to that. But actual love. This is thread is dedicated to my dear friend Gabby up in Canada that had a tough go at it with the NQ this year. I want real proof! Not just because you say so. Have at it ET!
  2. why do you want to know?

    ps this thread has nothing to do with P or R..please throw it in chat
  3. I think it's interesting that you would seek to diminish my observation of your logically fallacious argument in another thread, with your belittling allusion about my livelihood. Really, is that all you got? Is that the dainty fragrance of desperation?
  4. Nothing that hurts so much could fail to be real.
  5. That's nothing. Some dude name Leucippus of Miletus tried to convince me of something called an "atom", which is supposed to be so small you can't even see it.

    LOL! Can you imagine something that preposterous?! So I'm supposed to take his word for it that an "atom" exists?? He can't even show one to me!

    Stupid moron.
  6. some data from lower animals:

    "People will pay big bucks for pills that promise to enhance sex or slow aging. Now, a Cornell researcher and colleagues have uncovered a class of small molecules in tiny worms that not only attract mates but also arrest development for months in larvae.

    The paper, published online July 23 in Nature, reports that a mixture of molecules called ascarosides, which extend life span in C. elegans worms, also acts as a sex pheromone, thereby connecting the two seemingly disparate life processes of aging and reproduction. This small, normally soil-dwelling nematode is used as a model organism for many diseases as well as aging because its biology is in some regards similar to that of higher organisms, including humans...."
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    OP sure doesn't know how to use google:

    By the way there is a scientic/chemical explanation why chocolate is
    connected to romantic love.

    "You can also get a non-romantic dose of PEA from high-intensity activities like skydiving, or by eating chocolate. According to, chocolate contains small amounts of our love drug, PEA. That might be why some people use chocolate as "comfort food," getting the same warm, relaxed feeling from chocolate...

    One of the substances released by PEA is the neurochemical dopamine."


    It is all dopamine, nothing serious baby!
  8. Love is like porn, difficult to define, but you'll know it when you see it and is about as well thought out.:D
  9. Euphoric feelings are not love. Just ask those women that get beaten by their husbands that they say they love. You think they feel euphoric ever when their husbands/boyfriends are around? No,most of them are scared as shit around them, but they stay with them because they "love" them. They know that if they left them, they would instantly feel better, even euphoric if they were free from them, so why would they stay if they didnt love them?

    Proving love exists is the same as proving God exists. If you know either of them, you have your proof. If you dont, you think its a myth.
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    Neither is co-dependancy, what you described....
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