Can anyone point me to a place / room where people actively trade?

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  1. Concinnity


    Like a place / small community where people actively are day trading all day NQ/ES focused and are using voice as the primary source of communication?

    Any place I look it's just rooms and boards filled with text messages, bots and highly generalized information. I mean that is fine whatever people want to do, but just not my style and not really looking for entertainment. If I am going to be interacting with people relating to trading it's because there's a purpose and reason behind it, just speaking for myself personally.

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  2. Sprout


    Start on Fintwit or CT, then drill down.

  3. Concinnity


    Ok... I'll look. Just to be clear I am not looking to follow someone, pay a subscription or watch someone stream there trading for an hour.... No interest at all in anything even closely related to that. Looking to advance on what I already do and work with someone to find additional setups and maybe even potentially improve profit factor, win rate or quality of the setups as well.
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  4. easymon1


    What timeframe charts do you like to trade?
    Generally, Generally, what kinds of setups do you work?
  5. Concinnity


    I trade a wide variety of different charts. I am familiar and do use and/or can use Tick, Range, Time, Renko and etc. Currently I focus on range, but do use some tick.

    Setups from a macro view(without going into too much detail and not all inclusive as to what I look at) would be looking for Structure, Indicator reading or etc losing a level than regaining it. This is typically some of the lowest risk and highest reward trades from a trigger point perspective as people get stopped out of their long and new sellers come in(or opposite from a short perspective) once you regain or lose the area of weakness or strength you're generally going to get a decent move. Of course if you can identify if the market is probability bullish or probability bearish, prior to taking that trigger point / setup that makes things a lot cleaner and even more profitable.

    That would be the basis of my setups. Than of course over laying other things to help avoid bad trades, like clearly defined area's where it's generally lower probability for a short or long to work out.

    I add to that other things and setups, as again this isn't all inclusive. Just giving you a baseline of how I would be looking for a setup.
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  6. Sprout


    Yeah, I'd agree. It's not necessary to pay. You'll have to do your own DD on who to follow on twitter as you separate the wheat from the chaff. It's mostly a "vibe" or "resonance" distinction of whom you would find as having valuable perspectives.

    There are those who hustle with paid services and rooms. There are also those that "pay it forward" where no reimbursement is required. In my experience, to get engagement, you'll have to bring something to the table for there are a tsunami of folks in your position wanting what you want.

    fwiw, I believe there are sponsors here that do have rooms - paid and free.
  7. Concinnity


    I don't even need someone to bring something fantastic... or really much of anything at all. I feel confident and good about what I am bringing to the table, just looking for assistance in finding more setups and keeping each other on track. Trading isn't that difficult if broken down properly. I mean if you're able to identify if market is probability bullish or probability bearish that's a great start and decent trigger points, there's actually a lot of them out there. Probability bullish? Ok find your trigger point and attack. Of course emotions can throw monkey wrenches in that obviously. Just saying in a weird way people don't use enough information in my opinion, but at the same time they over complicate it. If that makes any sense.

    Market is essentially losing a level or regaining a level or structure on a chart and once bulls or bears gain control, price is going to typically drive to the next nearest relative high or low on that chart. That's the way I would describe the market, in a simple form.
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  8. Sprout


    That's a pretty succinct description. It seems that you have the basics. The plus side to paid rooms is that it screens out those that don't even have the basics from filling up the chat with hand-holding.

    My interest is primarily in crypto these days so I don't have many tradfi resources to share that I can vouch for.

    You can give these a shot, (I don't spend much time in these rooms) but they are focused on tradfi and free.

    search on twitter for;

    and join their discords and network from there
  9. qlai


    What’s CT?
  10. maxinger


    there are many places where the newbie traders come together to chit-chat about trading.

    but then you will be learning the wrong thing because the blind will be leading another blind.
    more brains --- > more mind contamination.

    some trading coaches led the chit-chat group as part of the paid services.
    If the trading coach is a professional trader, then you will find some benefit
    from the chit-chat group.

    Not many trading coaches provide such a service.
    because most of them are professional talkers, not professional traders.
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