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  1. Tough- Holiday session, Friday, I'm personally heading to the Dominican Republic for 5 days starting tuesday morning, would really like about $1,000 to replace spending money I will be taking....

    I'm thinking SNDA : on rumors published in Chinese media outlets concerning some asset moves the company has made.

    One report claimed that Shanda was not interested in selling its Digital Red mobile gaming unit, while another had Lenovo in talks to bundle Shanda's "e-home" software in its computer products. A third story had Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) in discussions to buy the company's site, which was created to inspire original literature submissions in China.

    Smoke, smoke... where's the fire?

    If Google were able to snag the site at a fair price, it would be a sharp move. We all know how eager Google is to swallow up user-generated content sites and grow its presence in China. But the rumored price is WAY high ($600 mil area)

    All of this whirlwind of speculative hearsay, may help Shanda in getting investors to appreciate the many facets of its entertainment empire.

    Shanda has seen its shares come under pressure since last year, when companies such as NetEase (Nasdaq: NTES) and The9 (Nasdaq: NCTY) began eating into its online fantasy-gaming stronghold. Wall Street has decided to ignore the value behind many of Shanda's non-gaming ventures, such as its Internet website presence and its EZ Pod home-entertainment appliance.

    Take a look at a two year chart it's back to $30 in my book! And could some news break over the weekend to make me back my rum money while I'm away?

    Consider Online gaming in China is exploding, driven by the growth of Internet and broadband usage. In particular, nongambling online action games involving multiple players worldwide are expected to grow to 2.6 times current levels by 2010, to a $1.8 billion business,Shanghai's Shanda Interactive Entertainment (SNDA ), China's largest developer and operator of such games, is the best pure-play investment in the industry. Players don't pay to play, but they "buy" items such as virtual weapons or vehicles to use in the game. This has been CDC's ticket to stardom (CHINA)...Shanda also derives revenues from ads in the games. SNDA has a rich pipeline of new products that will be out in 2007. In addition fundamentals are strong, with operating earnings poised to jump from $44 million in 2006 to $75.9 million in 2007 and to $96.8 million in 2008. Revenues are growing robustly, too. Profits are seen rising from 26 cents a share in 2005 to 71 cents in 2006, $1 in 2007, and $1.22 in 2008.
    ~ stoney
  2. Just a suggestion. Start a stock picking journal. You seem to have dozens of threads about individual issues. You wont appear so......shilly...
  3. Indahook- I assume you meant " silly " not " shilly " this is the second blast I've gotten in two days. Let's set the record straight. Every Stock I highlight I buy. I am manic like that- much to the chagrin of my handlers. I am in for strategically long periods- I like big moves.

    To shill or pump I would have to be buying large positions and flipping which I don't do. I would also have to be suggesting low float BS which I don't do. If you think anyone on ET is going to move Shanda Interactive today enough for me to dump my 300 odd shares you really don't get it.

    People that start little trading diaries are in and out of crap so fast so they can claim a good percentage return after a while they are forced to start lying to prove they can still preform.

    I'm an idea man- I know how to present a stock yes but I also know this is a dangerous game and I try to only bring my best ideas here- just be glad I haven't hit you with my real speculative plays they would make your head spin.

    Instead of a quirky retort how about putting an idea out there yourself?
  4. No. I meant shilly. As in Shill.

    Why not start a journal? You can keep track of how many people read it and you dont have to bounce around trying to remember where you wrote what. I just think it will increase your credibility. I`m not here to argue. Here to trade.

    Oh, I share. See the interesting charts thread where I gave everybody CHTR @ 1.30ish. Now 3.00 ish. I share when and where it is appropriate. I too hold for weeks and months.

    Regards and happy new year to you and yours.
  5. Nice call on CHTR I saw a lot of good write ups from the brokerages on that one as it went up. I'm just reading through a so so report from S&P on SNDA so I'm not so sure anymore. The question was how to make $ TODAY- so I'm hoping some other ideas come into this thread, I'll take a shower and get stoned and come back to you!

    Now Indahook I KNOW you ment " silly " it's easy to type an extra letter here or there!
  6. LOL...ok man. Pass it left if you will.

    And I know you meant, meant....not ment :D
  7. Alright folks sit back and watch how SI oporates.

    The Buy is Diversa:

    Healthcare : Biotechnology & Drugs
    Last Price Today's Change Bid size Ask size Volume Trade
    11.30 +0.30 (+2.73%) 11.30 x2,900 11.32 x1,900 441,671
    Open 10.95
    Previous Close 11.00
    Day's Range 10.95 - 11.98
    52 - Week Range 4.73 - 11.98
    12/30/05 - 12/29/06
    Avg Volume (10 days) 248,462
    Price / Earnings (TTM) --
    Earnings Per Share (TTM) -1.95
    Market Cap 543.1 M
    Shares Outstanding 48.1 M
    Beta 2.7
    Dividend Yield 0.00%
    Declared Dividend 0.00
    Ex-Dividend Date --
    Dividend Payable Date --

    NASDAQ Real time Quote

    What we have is a $1 move today on no news on high volume especially for a Friday leading into holiday. Look at the day pull in. we want it now.
    The play is DVSA.
  8. Good for you. I hope you are going to Punta Cana. It's freaking great there. A word of not...I repeat do NOT go out of the resort....Or you will be lets just say missing.

    I am going to Jamaica starting the 9th. Nice you like? (Borat impression)
  9. Surdo


    DR is 100% safe outside of the resort!
    Just leave the bling home and carry just enough money for food and beer and you will be fine.

    I have been to The Dominican Republic and have only been INSIDE a resort 3 X in many trips. Just use a trustworthy Taxi from the resort and negotiate a rate for 4 hours and go see the campo. Why stay locked in an All Inclusive prison?
    It's a beautiful country with many beautiful women!

    bien viaje,

    el surdo
  10. Boy flat as a pancake on everything. I should of just answered my own question about today- No.

    Well that's it VACATION is here! rateesquad have a great time in Jamaica how could you not? You will surly have an easier time with Mr. Goodsmoke than I will in DR. As Surdo has kindly warned me- have to be VERY careful on my beach walks when I stare lovingly in every Rasta's eyes.... And as to the women.. I'm a little worried because the hotel has a Spa and I've never gotten a massage before and I've been having this recurring dream which has me acting very inappropriate with a DR beauty wearing a white outfit.

    ` Cheers:cool:
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