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  1. im pretty much computer illiterate, can anyone tell me how i would make sure that files which i have deleted from windows can not be seen again or accessed by anyone, i am taking my laptop in to have it fixed and i want to make sure a few of my files are 100% gone, tax stuff, etc.
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  3. Hello PORNSTAR, can we ask what kind of files you want to disappear? :D Just a question.

  4. thx everyone for the reply, Hcour, i was wondering if i use the system shredder on my recycle bin does that mean that anything i have previously sent there will be unaccessible or is it more complicated than this?
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    I'm no expert on the subject. I think you'll have to use the particular shredding program and delete the files thru it. If you haven't emptied your recycle bin, you could recover those files and then use a shredder. If you've emptied it, I assume you'd have to first recover those files somehow and then shred them.

  6. I am no expert either, but I would not try to recover any deleted files first... not an easy task at all for someone who admits to be computer-illiterate.

    PS69371, your best bet would be to use a freeware program, like the ones mentioned above, to overwrite all unused sectors of your hard disk(s). After emptying the Recycle Bin, of course.

    Also, don't forget to clear all private data from every browser and media player you've ever used. Browsing history, download history, cache, cookies, recent files, everything.
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    If you want to make sure your deleted files are not recoverable you need to overwrite all the free/unused space on your hard drive.

    Google for "wipe free disk space"

    I found this site at the top of the search results:

    I saw on that page that Sysinternals offers a (free) tool called SDelete - I would trust them over anyone else's freeware, here's a current link (Microsoft bought sysinternals):

    It doesnt say that it works on XP but another quick google search indicates that it does in fact work fine.

    As the late apex indicated, you should also run some other tool to clear out all of your temp files, browser cache files, search history, etc and empty your recycle bin before you wipe the disk
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    I think the "pc decrapifier" could help you rid of any unnecessary and malicious software or files on your computer.
    It's pretty user friendly
  9. thx everyone again for the replies, the system shredder seems to have gotten rid of them, however from what i have heard everything that comes onto your computer is located in some sort of registry how do i check this registry??

    i took the laptop in to be fixed already and got it back it is just something that makes me very paranoid as i worked in an electronics store once and i remember very vividly the techs in there wasting their spare time looking to see what was on peoples computers/what got deleted right before they took it in.
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