Can anyone give some tips on Series 7 exam?

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    I was wondering if those who have studied and passed the S7 exam could give me some tips?

    How many hours on average did you have to study? Which chapters should I pay more attention to? Which ones aren't that important? Is 6 hours enough time to answer 250 questions? What is allowed to bring to the test such as a calculator etc..

    I can not believe they have squeezed soooo much material into one test! :mad:

    I appreciate any information/tips! TIA
  2. Know ALL of the definitions.
  3. I passed the Series 7 way back in 92 and have passed the 63, 8, 24 and 55 since. That only means that I know how to take the NASD exams.

    There is no question that the test can be passed, but you will need to study. My advice would be to read the material once and then take as many practice tests as possible.

    Don't allow yourself to get bogged down with the reading, but read it attentively. You will begin to learn the material as you test. Take the same tests over and over, it won't hurt.

    You will need at least two months to study, possibly three. That is an aggressive timeline, so you will need to put in several hours a day.

    Good luck. Take it seriously and you will pass first time.
  4. I used the study materials from this site:

    They have a book set and a computer-driven format. I used both, but could have gotten by with just the hard copy.

    There're practice exams after each chapter, which range from standard to more difficult if I remember correctly. If you can score 70% or better on the "difficult" exam then you'll likely do okay.

  5. 6 hours is enough time to answer 250 questions if you do enough study.If I was you I would buy the exam material which comes on CD'S and sit at your PC and continually answer all the questions,thats how I leanrt it and in my opinion the STC Material is the best you get some good deals on Ebay,good luck.
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    Thank you very much for your replies ALL. You guys are great! :)
  7. I studied for about 130 - 150 hours, but I know of people who only studied for about 40 - 60 and passed too.
    I used an online study course with sample tests, which was excellent, but I can't remember the name of the software. Some of the questions on the sample tests were the EXACT questions on the test. Usually the study course gives you the # of questions allotted to each topic.
    From what I can remember, they do let you bring in a calculator, but I didn't need to use it. They do give you scrap paper, which you do need to use. I finished the test in 4 hours, so IMHO, 6 hours is plenty of time.
    Good luck...
  8. I scheduled my test today to take in December and what I learned was that there is a "window" to take it. You have to take it in about 4 months after you're in the NASD's system. I'm glad I found that out. You also HAVE to reschedule two business days in advance by noon if you cannot make the originally scheduled time.
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    master the basic on bond & using common sense on stock investing part will get you pass.
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    Thanks for your replies.

    I am using passperfect study material. I have been studying for about 3-4 weeks so far (almost 3 hours per day).
    I am about to finish reading all the chapters (first round)!
    Immediately after reading each chapter I score about 60-65% with practice exams! Then I read the chapter again and score 70%! Some chapters are easier than others and I score about 70-80%. I feel like there is no margin for error with barley 70% and I need to read more!
    So I feel like I may have to read the entire material at least 3 times so things can stick! Some things just don't stick!
    I keep track of my answers each time and in some cases I answer the same wrong answer over and over again! It is like bad habits in trading!
    I was hoping to take the exam in September. Feels like my life has been on hold for the past month!!
    On my way to the library now until 9 p.m. Don't take the free time you guys have for granted!! :D
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