can anyone explain this-

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Bob111, Nov 13, 2003.

  1. Bob111


    trying to short LEXG right at open. after first trade (and open price) was 6.19 i place order to short @ 6.18. this is best ask at this time. 41K shares was passed by.. all @ 6.19, which is greater than current ask! lower ask to 6.16-same thing.
    just can't get in. explanation from IB-funny-"there is maybe orders ahead of you". ????
    is anyone can explain this? how it is possible to sell @ price greater than ask?

    thank you!
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    Were you offering on INCA or ISLD? If so, the executed trades went off using SuperMontage....ISLD and INCA do not participate in SM.
  3. gimp570


    Stick to the NYSE
  4. Bob111


    what should i do, to increase my chances to get in?
    i don't know,were i'm offering, i submit my orders via IB API "Smart"..maybe it will be better if i pay some extra fee,but submit my order to particular ECN? but how do i know,if this stock was traded on this ECN?

    Thank you!
  5. Bro.. do you worry about stuff like that at night, too?!

    Remember the market is always open... and the next great trade could be moments away!

    I can't believe guys start threads to complain about a single trade! Hey this isn't a perfect biz, brother. Sure doesn't bode well for longevity in this frustrating business if you got time to complain on a public board. Unreal! :eek:

    Like Stevie Winwood sings: "you gotta Roll With It Baby"




    I don't think he's complaining about it....I think the issue is more like "how do I prevent this from happening again".
  7. Ok.... guess I misunderstood. I know not being a day trader per se, but rather mostly positions.... that these things don't come up as often on my end.

    Was just offering him some friendly "advice" it tooks years to understand, and follow!


  8. Bob111


    i'm not comlaining at all. i was working on automated trading systems and as we all know, there is a winning trades and losing trades..if you was skip or unable to enter into winning trade-you miss your opportunity to make money. i considered this same as losing money, because, if you have 50/50 system, but you did not take winning trades for any reason-i bet you will finish in poor house. so, that why i take it seriously. and i also want to know from someone(since my broker cannot provide either advice,solution or even explanation) -how it is possible to sell above current ask. not just one single trade, but 40K in 5-7 different trades.

    thank you!